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Joanna spring's travel blog

Read our travel blog about our experiences traveling around Asia. Asia Blog is full of useful travel tips and superb places to visit, both in Thailand and Asia.

Joanna Spring’s Asia Blog is full of stunning pictures and videos. A must read for any aspiring traveller to Asia.

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Good Prospects for Unloved Mining Shares

Commodity prices are surging and there’s the prospect of demand for some natural resources exceeding supplies for years to come. Some leading investment advisers now say that we’re in the early stages of another “super-cycle.”

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Promising Small-Caps in Asia

Whether inflation proves to be sustainable or not, historic evidence is that in such environments, portfolios of low price-to-earnings ratios outperform, says NTAsset’s Kenneth Ng. The fund is a specialist in small/midsized Southeast Asian and Indian shares. It is confident that its holdings will deliver almost a doubling of earnings over the next three years.

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Retire to Thailand

Why Retire in Thailand? Live your dream in a peaceful and safe environment where you are respected for your Seniority, with almost no Covid risk

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Abundant Cheap Credit Boosts Home Prices

House prices in developed economies are soaring. In America they increased by 11 per cent in the 12 months to January, their fastest pace in 15 years. In New Zealand, prices are up by 22 per cent; in Germany by 9 per cent and in Britain by 8 per cent.

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Money-Pumping Clears the Path for Gold, Silver

The way governments have acted to deal with the pandemic has come as a shock to all of us. A big shock. They have thrown money at the problem on a scale rightly compared with that of fighting a world war, abandoned any pretence of thrift in public affairs, and ordered about their citizens like schoolchildren. With hardly any opposition.

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