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Joanna spring's travel blog

Read our travel blog about our experiences traveling around Asia. Asia Blog is full of useful travel tips and superb places to visit, both in Thailand and Asia.

Joanna Spring’s Asia Blog is full of stunning pictures and videos. A must read for any aspiring traveller to Asia.

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Inflation: Does a Big Shock Await Us?

The US government is pumping money and credit into the economy on a mindblowing scale equated with a war-time splurge. The excuse is that it needs to counter the damage done by the pandemic, but the Biden administration views it as an opportunity to pour money into its favoured interests – voters, welfare, public services.

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What If ???

What if ??? enjoy watching our videos YT Channel This video is about the future financial risks that lurk around the corner. please also read

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Tailpieces Blog Post 263

Longer-term forces are stacking up against the world’s reserve currency, says the FT’s Michael Mackenzie.
The dollar has been falling for several months in trade-weighted terms under pressure from increasing trade and budget deficits, with expectations that ultra-lo w interest rates are set for an extended stay.

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Vietnam: a Spectacular Emerging Economy

Crossing a main street in a Vietnamese city is unnerving. As you follow the tourist guide advice, ignoring traffic risk as you step out, boldly striding forward at a steady pace, you are engulfed by a torrent of motorcycles. They swerve as they sweep past you, never touching you.

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