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We are here to help retirees with the whole decision making process about retiring to Chiang Mai, or elsewhere in Thailand or Asia.

Live as an expat, live your dream in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a warm, peaceful and safe environment with almost no Covid risk or restrictions. Let me show you how! Our services …

Come and live as an Expat, with an Expat family for 3 months

The best way to see for yourself, and experience ‘living the dream’ is to actually do it, before committing yourself long term. The main drawback is that we are often afraid to make changes, and go it alone into a new enviroment.

Avoid these pitfalls, and come and join us for 3 months, and live with us, as part of our family, although you would be staying in your own apartment.

Spend time with us during the day, go for coffee and meals together, and visit some of the many attractions that Chiang Mai is famous for. Together, we would have fun together on day trips, and generally integrate into Expat life in Chiang Mai.

We have lived here for 14 years, and are in the best position to help and advise you on most things. We do not benefit financially from any advice we give, so we truly are able to offer unbiased advice.

As well as the fun and exciting aspects, we would also be able to help you with most of the more difficult or boring tasks like opening bank accounts, registering with hospitals and dental clinics, viewing apartments or villas, going to Immigration, joining the CM Expat Club, going to the shopping malls and supermarkets and more…

Contact us to discuss what lifestyle you would want to live at, and the budget for the 3 months….

What are my options?

Visit the beautiful Thai countryside
Get out and about and see what beautiful countrysides are abundant around Chiang Mai
Have fun and become fitter at the same time
Join our family and watch your health improve in this wonderful relaxing and safe enviroment
Explore Thailands amazing Seasides
Let us help you find your favorite seaside spots
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Travel companions

The best way to see for yourself, and experience ‘living the dream’ is to actually do it, before committing yourself long term. A big drawback is that we are often afraid to make changes, and go it alone into a new enviroment.

Are you interested in retiring to Thailand or else where in Asia? Want to spend time travelling around, but don’t fancy doing it alone? After all, suitcases are heavy, airports confusing, legal requirements constantly changing, and lonliness unappealing.

Use our service, and travel experience, to reduce the stress of travel and turn this into a dream experience. We are talented in finding lovely attractions, super hotels, and fun day trips. We do all the legwork and carrying, while you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Contact us to discuss lifestyle and budget for the trip….

What are the costs?

Peek into our life

chiang mai - the rose of the north

Gareth and Joanna
living the dream

Savour Your Next trip. contact us to discuss options

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