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I have created a series of videos about lifestyle and living the dream wherever you perceive the grass to be greener. These videos may help clarify some action steps that you could also consider, should you wish to improve your current circumstances.

My personal goal is to improve my health, extend my lifespan and to protect my ‘nest egg’ and financial future in these uncertain times.

I feet that the world has altered, and I am posting some of the actions that I have taken to shelter my family and finances from the fall out, and the consequences of the current craziness that exists worldwide.

Just as importantly as protecting ones investments, it is extremely important to be able to create new income streams, as previously safe income and investment streams dry up.

Can you trust my advice? - Up to YOu!

I am no ‘expert’ or ‘guru’, and I have based these videos on my own personal experiences as well as a lot of evidence from experts and guru’s. I take no credit for the expert’s advice and in these pages and I give the links to the videos / websites / documents that have influenced my decisions and choices.
I should also caution you that a lot of my actions and opinions are often contrarian to current thinking and opinion. This means that a lot of what I say and do is not widely published, so please enjoy, and select what is appropriate for you. However these choices have resulted in my family being able to live our dream in paradise, in a safe and secure environment with a fantastic outlook financially as well as quality of daily life.
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I am a fan of a number of guru’s including:
Gurus on Business / Finance / Motivation
Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dean Graziosi, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Stephen Covey, Warren Buffet, Dan Lok, Frasier Brooks, Don Failla, and Eric Worre.
Gurus on Health
Dr Paul Mason, Dr Sten Ekberg, and Dr Gundry.

This video is an overview of some of the topics that i will be covering in my videos

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