in Chiang Mai

Live your dream in a peaceful and safe environment where you are respected for your Seniority, with almost no Covid risk or restrictions

Twin Peaks Condominuim - Chiang Mai

The best place to retire in Thailand is the stunning city of Chiang Mai. It is very easy to rent or buy property, and you are spoilt for choice.

There are so many different accommodation options. Whether you choose to rent or buy depends on your personal financial situation. We recommend renting first, until you have found your ideal home, as there are so many factors and personal preferences that you should consider, before committing yourself long term.

The most popular options are condominiums (apartments),  where you can get full title when you buy. Villa’s and houses in enclosed private villages are also popular, however the land is often on leasehold (where you own the house or villa, but the land title is on long term lease). Many have also chosen to live as a local in the suburbs.

We have chosen to live in a low rise upmarket condominium called Twin Peaks. If you decide to come and join our family here to experience the real life as an Expat, you would also stay in one of the wonderful apartments in Twin Peaks as part of the package, as well as some time at Plover Cove Luxury Villas.

This is well described by local Estate Agency, Perfect Homes as: “Flaunting understated modern-contemporary design influences from the Land of the Rising Sun and in spite of its now decade-old existence, Twin Peaks remains not only one of the best managed and well cared for pieces of real estate in the entire municipality but also represents one of the pet-friendly condos in Chiang Mai while occupying a superlative position in the very midst of the city’s Central Business District.

Tucked down a small, private and undisturbed soi [lane] off Chang Klan Road in the company of Peaks Garden and Peaks Avenue condos, Twin Peaks really does feel a world away from the bustling urban metropolis beyond yet is mere steps from the epicenter of Chiang Mai’s commercial and financial heartland providing ready access to every possible amenity and convenience. ”

Twin Peaks - Chiang Mai

Twin Peaks is a luxurious safe upmarket condominuim where you can rent or buy.

The property is well maintained and in excellent condition. The building was designed and built by a Japanese developer with a Japanese theme.

One has the choice of renting or buying. Rents start at Thb 14,000 pcm and to buy from Thb 3,500,000.


Superb Pool

You would be able to spend many hours at the pool working on your tan.

We spend time every day lazying by the lovely pool, contenplating our fabulous stress free lifestyle.

Comprehensive Gym

Exercise is very important in maintaining your overall wellness.

Twin Peaks has a great gym to work off some excess carlories and get your blood circulating.

Great Common Areas

Twin Peaks has some lovely common areas next to the pool to pass time.

There is a library of books to choose from, and one can enjoy the tranquility of the atmosphere.


We also have a male and female sauna for those who enjoy sweating out the toxins from our bodies.

The facilities are great and overall one can really enjoy life without having to go out.

Restaurant and Coffee Shop

C9 (Cloud 9) coffee shop and restaurant offers lovely drinks both iced and hot. We love the coffee and snacks and come here most days.

Great cakes and snacks are available as well as full meals, and an exclusive private dining facility in the evening, the ultimate way to impress your friends.

Alternatively one can just call, and they deliver to your room.

Fabulous Spa and Massage

C9 (Cloud 9) Spa and Massage is an exclusive establishment for the discerning patron who would like to experience world class pampering.

Relax in a Spa, or enjoy a facial in a superb atmosphere, without even leaving Twin Peaks.

C9 Cafe and Spa

24 hour Reception

Twin Peaks offers world class service, including 24 hour reception. Although this is a condominuim, it feels like home with full amentities.

There is high speed fibre optic internet throughout the building, which is important in the modern digital world.

24 Hour Security

Twin Peaks is safe, with all modern facilities.

We have english speaking staff, which really helps with getting advice on everyday issues.

There is full time maintenance and cleaning staff, so you can relax without having worry about boring day to day stuff.

Lovely Rooms

The rooms are lovely, well maintained and equipped. Sizes vary from Studio’s to huge Penthouses.

If you buy a condominuim on Thailand, generally they come fully furnished. What you see is what you get.


Modern Bathrooms

The bathrooms in Twin Peaks are modern. Most have a bath as well as a shower.

They are wall to wall tiled in a lovely marble and porcelain finishes and feels luxurious.

Most of the tops are marble, and one can feel at home in this splendour.

Luxury Villa's - Rent or Buy?

Our next preference are the luxury villa’s. We personally love Plover Cove ( because of their stunning designs and superior fittings. They have paid attention to detail, and the quality of workmanship is hard to beat.

When you buy, there are a lot of eco friendly and green options including solar heating, solar roof panels to reduce your electricity consumption and carbon footprint. The Villa’s are fully airconditioned, with full kitchen with state of the art appliances. Air and water purifiers are standard. 

They also offer a full maintenance package that includes the pool and garden service as well. They can manage your property in your absence, including rental and cleaning.

Interestingly they also throw in a 20 year Thai Elite Visa (for a couple) ( as part of the deal when you buy, which makes this the easiest way to live long term in Thailand. They also assist with the Visa and 90 day reporting.

The Villa packages  start at 15 million Baht (USD 500,000) which is not cheap by Thai standards, but a bargain at international standards for what you are getting.

If you choose to buy or rent here, you are in the company of the elite. At these prices, you are mixing with the Professional class, living a priviliged lifestyle with full service.

There are a lot of exclusive private secure villiages (called moobaans) with lovely homes and gardens for those who do not fancy living in an apartment. 

Why not spend a holiday in Chiang Mai,
with us as an Expat,
to see what it is really like,
before making any major decision?

When you come and join our family, living like an Expat, we would spend time viewing any properties that you were interested in.
We do not financially benefit from any property transaction, so we can offer truly unbiased opinion and advice.

Retirement only means
it’s time for a new adventure.

How to finance your retirement ?

feel free to contact us for a chat

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Live your dream in a peaceful and safe environment where you are respected for your Seniority, with almost no Covid risk or restrictions