Healthy Living in Chiang Mai

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Improve your health and the quality of your life

Low Stress Level

Healthy Living in Chiang Mai extends your lifespan. In our modern lifestyle, stress has become one of the biggest triggers of poor health.

Alzheimers, Parkinsons and MS are at all time high mainly due to stress and lifestlye.

I think that removing oneself from your stressful enviroment is the easiest way of being able to begin healing and improving the quality of life in your senior years.


Peace and Tranquility

Many expats here say: ‘Chiang Mai has so many wonderful and peaceful spots that one can find your place’.

Getting away giving one something to look forward to and keeps daily life exciting.

As there is so much to do and so many places to be able to go, you wiull soon form a pattern of your favorite passtimes.

Swimming, snorkelling and Diving

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it does not stress your joints, and you exercise the whole body at the same time.

As swimming and snorkeling are such fun, it does not seem to be stenious exercise.

After a super day in the sun having fun, I can promise that you will sleep so well.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables from the Market

We go daily to the fresh fruit and vegetable markets to buy our supplies. The produce is great and inexpensive.

We try to eat at home 3 nights a week, although this is not easy because there are so many wonderful restaurants out there including vegetarian and vegan.

Thai food is fantastic, and there are also so many western style restaurants, that eating out is the easiest option.

We make fresh juices at home

To help boost our immune system we make fresh vegetable juices and fruit smoothies every day.

We add lots of herbs that have medicinal benefits to address shortfalls in our diet and help reverse the damage caused by poor diet, lifestyle and stress over the years.


We now attend Yoga sessions few times a week. There are many free yoga classes run daily in many lovely locations areound Chiang Mai.

We are lucky to have many fantastic Yoga instructors, that will take anyone with any ability.

This has proven to be a super way to get in touch with our inner selves while exercising at the same time.

What are my options?

What are the costs?

Enjoying Life

Chiang Mai offers so much in terms of quality of life that we celebrate our good life and fortune every day.

We wake up and the sun is shining, birds are singing, people are happy, and it is so easy to see the positive side of life.

With this happiness, your perception of life improves, and so does your health.

Patented Lifewave Technology

The patented Lifewave technology helps to boost our immune system, and the miracle X39 stem cell rejuvination patches helps to repair the years of harm that we have inflicted on our bodies.

As our health improves, so it becomes more important to look after our bodies and mental health. Our life expectancy is increasing and we would like to be able to enjoy the benefits of our fantastic lifestyle.

Daily Massages

Chiang Mai has hundreds of massage and spa facilities.

Massages help to improve blood circulation, keep ones skin younger and more supple as well as relaxation.

Regular massages and trips to a spa will certainly improve the quality of your life and be a player in removing stress.

Japanese Onsen and Spa

Chiang Mai has many geysers, and Japanese Onsens are popular as well as the many hot springs resorts.

Most of the Spa’s have lovely traditional accommodation with them and so one can treat oneself to a lovely relaxing weekend away.

Exercising at the Gym

Most of the Condo’s have a gym attached. Fitness is popular in Thailand, and there are hundreds of gyms to choose from.

A lot of  residents tend to use the gym in our condo as it well equipped and airconditioned.

While you are sweating away at your treadmill or bicycle, you look at the lovely inviting swimming pool that is calling you.

Come and try this quality of life for yourself.
Join us and experience it first hand.

Healthy Living in Chiang Mai extends your lifespan. With the good life that we enjoy everyday, and the easy way of life, our life expectancy is rising. I arrived in Thailand with poor health having suffered a heart attack, and in a few years my health improved dramatically.

This then brought up the issue of wanting to improve our lifestyle to reduce the risk of serious medical setbacks, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and strokes.

Generally we found it easy to start eating healthily, and combined with the fun outdoor activities easy to start mild exercise, usually walking, swimming, going to the gym, yoga, diving and snorkeling.

After we reviewed our diets, and now live a low carbohydrate reduced sugar, high fiber and fresh vegetables diet. Additionally we also take vitamins, specifically vitamin D3, B12, and C to boost our immune systems. We also wear the X39 stem cell producing patches and combined with a high water intake, we literally feel our health improving day by day.

How to finance your retirement ?

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