Living the Dream in Chiang Mai

Live your dream in a peaceful and safe environment where you are respected for your Seniority, with almost no Covid risk or restrictions

Personal Safety

Living the Dream in Chiang Mai. Crime is very low. Violent crime is almost un-heard of. Petty crime is minimal.

Everyone can feel safe walking around the streets, even at night, knowing that you will not be mugged, robbed, raped or murdered.

I regularly leave the front door open, keys in the car and shopping in the basket on the motorcycle.

Fabulous Lifestyle

Many expats here say: ‘Chiang Mai is one of the cheapest places offering the highest quality of life’.

One can live comfortably on less than US$ 1000 a month, as you are not competing with ‘The Jones’ and can simply enjoy what is important to you.

Great Sunny Weather

Although the best weather is during the dry or cool season – from November to February, it is a pleasant city to visit, or live in, all year round.  

We really enjoy being outdoors, either at the pool, or in the stunning countryside around Chiang Mai.

So Much to Do

Chiang Mai has so much to do, that there is always somewhere to go, and interesting events. You will never be bored.

Also there are many festivals and parades throughout the year.

There are numerous charities and Church groups to join, and one can get so much satisfaction by giving something back.

Quality of Life

Chiang Mai is a modern city with both first and third world qualities and charm.

Thailand has fantastic modern shopping malls with all the top brands of goods and services.

We also enjoy small backstreet stalls and pavement vendors for bargain deals.

Phone, banking and internet services are first world with super fiber optic internet speeds.

Feels Exotic - Thousands of Temples

Temples, there are literally thousands of Temples in Chiang Mai and Thailand.

Chiang Mai has history going back 700 years, with so much still visible in the ‘Old City’.

It would literally take many years to just view them once.

The list is endless and all just a short drive in and around Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai offers first-world quality medical and dental care, inexpensive and friendly. 

The most impressive aspect of healthcare here is that it is instantaneous. When you go to A&E you are seen strait away. Should you need an operation it is done today or tomorrow. After you make a full medical check-up, you get the results and consultation feedback the same day, including a full written report.

In many ways, Chiang Mai’s health services are vastly superior to the West. We have never enjoyed such good healthcare before.

Beautiful scenery and landscapes

The scenery surrounding Chiang Mai, both natural and man-made is breath-taking.

Lush forests with elephants and monkeys, rice paddy fields, coffee plantations, mist-steeped mountains, lakes, trails, old villages, gardens, caves, national parks – the list is endless and all just a short drive outside Chiang Mai.

What are the costs?

Why not spend 3 months with us to see what it is really like 'Living the Dream'?

World's best food

Chiang Mai is home to quaint bars, cool markets, and also a varied amount of restaurants that appeal to both locals and foreigners.

Some of the most famous Northern Thai dishes include ’gang hang lay – delicious Northern Thai curry, ‘khao soi’ – egg noodles in a coconut curry, and ‘sai oi – spicy Northern Thai sausage.

Senior Citizens Respected

Many expats here say: ‘Chiang Mai is where we feel respected for our age’.

People are so kind and helpful because we are Senior, and go out of their way to extend kindness.

Foreingners enjoy an elevated level of status and get preferential treatment.

Living a good healthy outdoor lifestyle

With great weather all year round being outdoors is fun and pleasant.

Being out and about in on a lovely day as there is so much beautiful coutryside around Chiang Mai will keep you fulfilled, while improving your health.

Whether you choose to go by Scrambler, or 4 X 4, offroad and countryside trips will keep your busy for years.

Simply Chill Out

For many of us, simply doing nothing is great. One is able to contemplate the meaning of life.

Whether is it being pampered at a Spa, or massage, or simply tanning by the pool, one can relax and enjoy each and every day.

Yoga and meditation resorts also help us to find our inner peace. This becomes more important the older we get.

The slower pace of life in Chiang Mai, and low stress levels has significantly improved the quality of our life.

We Also Love the Islands

With great weather all year round being at the seaside is fun and pleasant.

Every few months we take ourselves off to explore another Island or stunning beach.

Some of our favorite passtimes are diving and snorkelling, and making underwater videos.


What are the costs?

The best place to ‘Live the Dream’ is the stunning city of Chiang Mai.

What does ‘Living the Dream’ mean? Well it means different things depending on how young at heart you are, and what gives you inner peace and satisfaction.

We love Chiang Mai because we feel safe, enjoy a fabulous lifestyle that is inexpensive, have great sunny weather all year round, and we are ‘free’ to do as we please, and travel where we like. In our opinion, healthcare is vastly superior to what we got, living in the UK.

Chiang Mai is fantastic because you can do many activity based passtimes, or simply chill out. Day trips to the mountains, or further North, or holidays to the Islands or Seasides, add spice to our life.

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