MaeYa Waterfal

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MaeYa Waterfal

MaeYa waterfall is the highest and most beautiful waterfall located in Doi Inthanon National Park near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Easily accessible by car or bike, because it is a paved road. To reach the waterfall, initially take the main highway from Chiang Mai to the south. From there, turn right onto the road 1009 towards Doi Inthanon. After less than a mile, turn left and we are in the countryside, surrounded by picturesque rice fields. We even met a stork, who is looking for frogs in the rice and grass. We reach the more mountainous areas, the road leads through the woods, winding up and down with frequent turns.

We stop and admire the views. At this time of year, the forests and vegetation does not look too impressive. You can see the dry season to the fullest. Trees stripped of their leaves. Everything is dry. It looks like the end of autumn in our country. The only exception is scorching sun and the air temperature above 30 degrees. We pass through the dry and often empty mountain streams, which in the rainy season turn into a fast-flowing mountain river. A little sad sight.

After about 8 kilometres we get to the guard station Doi Inthanon National Park. Here you must pay an entrance fee to the park. Table clearly shows two tariffs, one for Thais – 50 Baht per person and one for foreigners – 300 Baht per person. In addition, we pay for the motorcycle 20 Baht. Fee for a car is 30 Baht. Prices for vehicles are the same for Thais and foreigners. From there, it is just 6 km to your destination. We get to the road sign with the inscription MaeYa Waterfall, above which there is a car park and stalls where you can grab a bite to eat.

Approaches to the waterfall are by foot, so we walk, just 600 meters. One can hear the roar of the water, more clearly the sound of the main waterfalls. Fortunately. A walk through the midst of bamboo trees and along the stream is beautiful, and a lot to see, and finally almost paradise waterfall. It is reportedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls cascading around Chiang Mai. Fresh water flows from the almost 280 – meter high at about 30 steps of rock and flows into a small pool. It looks like a curtain or veil flowing over rocks. So, I could endlessly sit on a rock and listen to the noise.

In the rainy season the water completely covers most of the rocks and it certainly looks even more beautiful.

The 10-meter wide waterfall is surrounded by different plants, so it is the perfect place for rest and relaxation. There are tables where you can arrange to have a picnic with your family or friends. On the way back we go for the chicken and pork from the grill, in a set of green mango salad. Unfortunately, I did not receive any recommendation, and the salad was too spicy for me.

On the leaflets, which we got from the park ranger I read that there was a possibility to rent accommodation in the guest house. Per night fee is 1,000 to 6,500 Baht per night. You can also rent a tent and a 3-bed pay 250 Baht, and a 6-person 500 Baht. The fee for camping spot is 30 Baht per night per person.

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