Basic Visa requirements for retiring in Chiang Mai

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What are the basic requirements for a retirement visa in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Firstly you need to be over 50 years of age.

Secondly you need to prove that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself, which involves depositing Thai Baht 800,000.00 ($27,000.00) into a Thai bank. These funds cannot be used, and need to remain in the account all year round.

Visitors would need to apply for a 3 month (2 month plus 1 month extension when in Thailand) tourist visa at the Thai Embassy in their home country, and meet the Corvid 19 regulations and quarantine stay in Bangkok.

Once you arrive in Thailand, you would be in a position to convert the tourist visa to a retirement visa by going to the Thai Immigration Department.

We have found this process much easier than applying for a retirement visa in your home country which requires much more paperwork and health insurance which for many retirees is impossible to buy.

We use agents who fill out the forms for us (in Thai) and then we submit our application with copies and letter from our Thai bank proving we have sufficient funds to maintain ourselves at the Immigration Department.

Shortly after we have our visa in our passport. Every 90 days we report to Immigration confirming our continuation of stay.

This is a simplified version of a complex process, which when understood, is relatively easy.


Thai Elite Visa Program - The Easiest Way To Stay Long Term

Depending on your personal circumstances, visas can be more difficult if you are applying for a family, or need to use your monthly pension to meet the financial requirements.

Also if family members wish to work or start a business, different visas and work permits are required.

Some property companies offer a 20 year Elite Visa (for a couple) with their luxury properties and villa’s like Plover Clove Luxury Villas.

Alternatively one can buy an Elite 5, 10, 15 or 20 year visa on the Thai Elite Visa Program.

The Thai Elite Visa program is the easiest and best way of securing long stay visa’s in Thailand.

There are different packages for families, businessmen and retirees. This program is more expensive, but has minimal paperwork and hassle, and once secured, makes life in Thailand and travel a pleasure.

See Thailand Elite Visas comparison.

Other Asian countries have different requirements. Some make it easier like Cambodia, and some more difficult like Singapore.

If you chose to come and stay with us in Chiang Mai, we would look in detail at your particular circumstances to help facilitate your decision making process.

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